Clients and visitors can benefit from the documentation services provided by the office at any time and anywhere, whether inside or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Among the documentation services currently activated by the Ministry of Justice: issuing agencies for individuals and establishments, dissolution of agencies for individuals and establishments, documenting company contracts, completing the emptying of the property between the seller and the buyer and completing all procedures. All of these services are done through our office and the instrument is printed immediately without the need to review the notary.

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Train & provide legal cadres

We are providing training and qualified personnel for legal work...

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Establishing legal affairs

We serve to establish and establish legal affairs in all...

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Preparing notes

Some clients prefer to plead themselves in their cases for...

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Objection regulations

The provisions of objection regulations are mentioned in the Sharia...

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Debt Collection

Collecting individual debts There is no doubt that following up...

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Litigation and pleadings

Filing claims and representing our clients before the courts and...

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Legacy liquidation

Inheritance and the liquidation of the inheritance are important issues...

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Clients and visitors can benefit from the documentation services provided...

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